The American Asian Military Family Ministry is a non-profit organization composed of Christian believers and friends. The organization has been established to help Asian American active-duty service members, reserve members, veterans, and their families. Regardless your origin, the American Asian Military Family Ministry will help and serve you whenever you have concerns and issues about your life and beliefs.

Volunteers in this organization are composed of experienced ministers, active-duties, reserves, veterans, and their family members. When you are in deployment, or feel unfairly treated, or are emotionally low, our volunteers will do our best to provide you with a platform for trust building, information sharing, truth seeking, interceding, and life developing. Our goal is to unite American Asian military members and to help ourselves.

Is the roaring of the C-17s, the squeaking of the F-16s, the clapping of ocean waves, the tearing of the shells, the banging of the bullets, and the screaming from pain still echoing in your ears? Are the broken limbs, the gushing blood, the flying dust, the twisted faces, and the foreign landscapes still flashing in front of your eyes? Do you still smell the smoke in the air occasionally? Do your lips still feel dry and chapped? When you inadvertently touch the scars on your body, a burst of pain still rushes into your heart? Are you always worrying about your spouse fighting in a foreign country, being unsettled and awake all night long? Are you still suffering from PTSD or the pain of TBI? Does sound sleep appear like a dream to you? And does your spouse think that you have turned into a different person? Furthermore, have your emotions been freely erupted without control? And your life seems to have lost direction and its meaning is dimming away?

If your answer is yes to any one of these questions, you are NOT alone and you are welcome to join our organization! Because we are a group of people who have the same experiences as you have! We will laugh together, weep together, and face tomorrow with hope together! We are also a group of blessed people! We have met Jesus Christ, and we have become a warm family that cares for and love one another! Jesus has healed our wounded souls and smoothed the scars in our hearts! Our restless heart is firmly anchored in the everlasting rock of Jesus! Although the world is always changing, our hearts are still full of peace and joy, because we know that the omnipotent Father looks after us! There is true peace in Jesus. No more sighing and regretting from our mouths. We are covering each other with words of peace and blessing. We can now smell the freshness and sweetness of the air. Blue sky, white clouds and long-lasting peace have been dwelling in our minds, and a well-rested night is our new norm. Our ears are always ringing with beautiful music! Allare because Jesus lives in our hearts!

Dear friends, we are Asian Americans who have the same experiences and share the same culture with you. We believe that we have a common background and your difficulties are our difficulties. We learn from one another and live together. God's presence and His love are here. Yes, there is God's presence here, the manifestation of His power, and a different hope from above! Come, let us embrace and enjoy the richness and redemption of God, which He has provided in this organization! Let us start a new voyage of life together!








願 耶 和 華 賜 福 給 你 , 保 護 你 。 願 耶 和 華 使 他 的 臉 光 照 你 , 賜 恩 給 你 。 願 耶 和 華 向 你 仰 臉 , 賜 你 平 安 。

民 數 記 6:24-26

我 們 若 照 他 的 旨 意 求 甚 麼 , 他 就 聽 我 們 , 這 是 我 們 向 他 所 存 坦 然 無 懼 的 心 。

約 翰 一 書 5:14

神 愛 我 們 的 心 , 我 們 也 知 道 也 信 。 神 就 是 愛 ; 住 在 愛 裡 面 的 , 就 是 住 在 神 裡 面 , 神 也 住 在 他 裡 面 。